21 Dec 2013

Annyeong! First thing, aku nak minta maaf sebab aku tak buat soalan dan tak tag orang. Aku betul-betul malas nak fikir. Tapi, aku akan jawab soalan yang diberi sebab aku rasa soalan dia menarik. Huahuahua. Okey, aku malas nak panjang lebar. So, let's go!
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Questions from Dyrah LKIM

1. What is your hidden talent? (singing//dancing//writing etc) 
Hidden talent? There's no such thing as hidden, ahahah. Singing? I'm not that good. Conclusion, I don't know.

2. Do you think idols are mostly fake on stage? If yes, who do you think is fake?
Fake? Huh, no. Of course, not. 

3. Between two-faced friend and enemy, which one is harder to deal with?
Of course, two-faced friend is harder to deal with since they are more closer to us than the enemy.

4. People say "just because they are your best friend, doesn't mean you are their best friend", tell me what do you think about this saying.
Act, I agree with this quote. Because? Maybe we're their best friend, but are they the 'best' friend to us? And vice versa. It actually depends on person. If I think they are my 'best' friend, do they think I am their 'best' friend? It's kind of complicated.

5. Do you think INFINITE suit with SM style? Why?
No. SM is elegant, for me. Infinite, they have their own style. They can be elegant but in their own way. However it is, glad that Infinite will joining SM. Maybe they can be more popular..?

6. Suggest me one fanfic or novel with the best and not cliche story line
Fanfic, Love > Hate, storyline by Nana Johari. Novel, Awak Suka Saya Tak and ... I don't remember the title. But the author is the same as the author of Awak Suka Saya Tak.

7. Who do you think on and off camera is still the same person? Among k idols and groups or maybe can tell me other singer.
Super Junior. For some reasons, I don't know how to explain. ahahah

8. Which is the best drama you ever watched?
Don't know. Maybe, Full House.

9. If you were destined to fall in love with your very closed guy friend and he only thought you not more than a sister and friend, would you confess to him?
Nahh, no. It will ruin the relationship between us.

10. Between Woollim Girls, SM Rookies, YG WINNER and JYP new group, which one you anticipating a lot?
Anticipating? I don't really understand this question. I only knows SM Rookies. JYP new group, YG Winner, Woolim girls.. I don't even recognize them. ahaha, I'm so mean. Sorry for all their fans. 

Questions from Illy Chunji

1. Between something that involves math and fact, which one do you prefer more?
I prefer both but if facts like science, I prefer math. I hate Science, but my school.. erghhh

2. Have you ever cried when reading a fanfic // novel?
Yes, of course. Every time I read it actually. Ahahaha

3. What color do you prefer either pink or black? why?
Black. I am not that kind of girl to choose pink. Omgg, never ever.

4. What is the genre song that you like the most?
This is a tough question. ahahah, how should I know. Maybe Jazz and pop. 

5. Between vocal, rapper and dancer, which one that you like the most and why?
Vocal, since all my bias are main vocalist. I love their voice. And rappers maybe. Did you hear Tao's rap? So cutee!!!

6. The most played song?
Please don't, K.Will. I love that song, I love that voice. It just so powerful.

7. Who is the person that you like his/her voice the most?
Lee Hyori and Ailee. Their voice are unique. And of course, Ryeowook. It gives me goosebumps. 

8. Among all the k-drama that you had ever watch, which character you love the most?
Goo Jae Hee and Choi Young Do. 

9. What are the one thing thing that you want to improve so badly?
My japaness. I've learned japan since form 1. But I still can't speak. Why? Cause I'm so lazy to revise that subject. But I want to speak japan so bad.

10. What does your first impression of me? /honestly pls/
From the blog? Crazy, fun and cheerful. ohohoho, we can go crazy together-gether.

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