15 Aug 2013
My beloved husband.. Please don't be sad.
Annyeong! Hari tu.. ada sedikit konflik ke fan war? Tak tau la apa namanya. But.. what I know, it is an unpleasant news. And I really really don't like it. I mean, hate it.

"It was a really shocking 2 hours. It's true that when a sunbae and a hoobae sing together, it's burdensome for both. I know he's very well loved, and I hope he gets acknowledged as a singer more than anyone else ^^ It's a road even I'm worried about, even though I've debuted 8 years ago. Looking forward to tomorrow and stopping my rant, ke. I did good (thumbs up)" - Ryeowook
 My words for those who..
For those who do make my husband sad that day, please.. Actually, what is your problem? I just don't get it. Did my husband do bad things? I don't think so. Maybe you think his voice is not good as D.O's. Ehemm, maybe you're right. But there's million of ELF admitted his voice is good. For me, it not just good. It's fascinating. People said things because they're jealous. I want to ask you. Did you hear when they're singing 'Missing You'? Did you hear with your ears? Or did you hear it with your empty brain. I teared once I heard they're singing. I'm not typing this because I'm one of his wife. Actually, you make their relationship moe uncomfortable. Did you know that Kyungsoo is really, really close with Ryeowook? Of course you knew since you're fan of Kyungsoo, right? So, you should not make your bias feel guilty and so on. 
"Wook came out and fans shouted I love you and fighting, he covered his ears. So they got louder and he pretended to cry."
Entah la, aku rasa cam dia betul-betul sedih. Apa aku merepek ni. Mesti la dia sedih. Tak percaya aku taip benda kat atas tu sambil nangis.
To my beloved husband. Be strong, ok? We know you have a great voice. I mean, fascinating. They're jealous of you because of your voice. I know they don't have such voice. You know you are a great sunbae. We all knows. Always remember you have me and all ELF. We supported, will support and always support you. InsyaAllah, till the end of my life. I love you, we love you. 나는 당신을 사랑합니다, 우리는 당신을 사랑합니다!

Tadi rasa macam nak post pasal birthday Niel.. Tapi, tak jadi la. Aku buat header tu sempena b'day Niel! Ppyong!

P/s, aku dah selesema. Urghhh!! Dan, aku guna broken english. Jadi, faham-faham je la ye.

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